1QASC Race on a handicapping system
Swimmers of all levels can compete in the same race using this system. The fastest swimmer in the race will have the highest handicap. The race is started and the race starter then starts counting up until the highest handicap. It usually means all our swimmers are very close to each other when they finish the race. It makes racing fun and exciting for all races.
2How does handicapping work?
The first time a swimmer competes in a race for any specific stroke and distance (eg. 50m freestyle), it is called a Time Trial. The Swimmer starts on go without any handicap. Their time is recorded and will be used for future race handicapping. Then, each time the swimmer competes in this specific event (ie. 50m freestyle) a handicapped time is calculated, based on the QASC handicapping rules. The aim of handicapping is to ensure all swimmers have an equal chance to win the race.
3How do points work
QASC uses a point system to encourage participation and reward results. All swimmers are allocated points each week for their race/s. The more races you swim the more points you accrue, highest point scorers are rewarded at the end of season awards.
4What are the Championship Races?
Championship racing is spread out throughout our racing calendar. These races are age and gender based, and times are not handicapped, everybody starts at the same time. Swimmers earn points for each championship race that they swim, and the swimmer with the most points will be awarded the Age Champion Award (Male & Female). The tally for Age Champion Points are separate to the tally for Weekly Race Points.